Challenges and Opportunities of Medical Packaging Co-exist, Exploration and Harvest Co-exist
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During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the concept of medical packaging was further strengthened and deepened. People gradually realized that packaging is not only an integral part of medicine, but also an important factor directly related to the quality and safety of medicine. Therefore, the status of medical packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and consumers is increasing. In the golden autumn and October, as the best communication link between government departments and pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association elaborately prepared the "2011 Pharmaceutical Packaging New Products and New Technologies Project Release and Evaluation Activities and Pharmaceutical-Packaging Summit Forum", which attracted from relevant government departments, testing institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises and pharmaceuticals. More than 200 professionals from packaging enterprises and pharmaceutical investment institutions gathered in Beijing to show new products and technologies of pharmaceutical packaging industry in recent years, and to explore new breakthroughs and developments in pharmaceutical packaging industry. In this activity, the upcoming "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan" of the pharmaceutical packaging industry draws a blueprint for the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry for us. However, through this "window", we also see some problems and challenges in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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